Just a step away from a dream

Alma Spa & Beauty

Our Alma Spa resembles an idyllic daydream: a dive into the most absolute wellness, surrounded only by silence and by soft fragrances. The most surprising thing is that all this is not a dream at all.

A window to Heaven

The precious wood and majolica tiles typical of our Coast create a welcoming and elegant niche. Large windows provide indescribable views of the bay of Positano. The clear sky and the infinite sea embrace each other in ever-new colours. A view that rejuvenates the soul.

Our wellness programme regenerates the body and is designed to infuse sensations of extreme relaxation. With the purifying vapours of the sauna and the Turkish bath, combined with the cold jets of the emotional shower and the ice cascade, the only pleasure missing was the ionised pool. Until now.

An exclusive haven

Treat yourself to a special day with whomever you want: we can reserve our spa exclusively for you. To complete the intimate dream, an aperitif with delicious finger food made by our chef and a bottle of Prosecco already on ice are waiting, just for you.

A corner for relaxation in the open air

On sunny days, enjoy a massage in the open air, in our Massage Corner, sheltered by light linen curtains and adorned with lush Mediterranean plants. Indulge in total relaxation, caressed by the lovely view of Positano.

Give a wellness gift

What could be better than looking after the people we care about? Do it in the best way, by giving the gift of endless relaxation to whomever you want. Contact us at almaspa@leagavipositano.com or phone +39 089 87 57 33 to create your personalised wellness package or choose from the gift cards available at the Alma Beauty & Spa reception.

Back massage

A specific back massage performed using ideal maneuvers to dissolve contractures and muscle tensions, giving an immediate and lasting sensation of lightness and well-being.

session 30 min.

4 hands harmony

A little luxury to try at least once in your life: an enveloping massage performed by two operators at the same time. The passage of 4 hands over the whole body creates a feeling of total abandonment.
session 1h

Hot stone

The therapeutic action is obtained by applying basaltic, hot volcanic stones, coming from Ganges river or from shores of other rivers, thus helping to dis- solve the muscular stiffness, to improve the mobility of the joints and to relieve the spinal tension.

session 80 min.

Foot massage

It reduces stress, eliminates anxiety levels, stimulating the drainage of excess fuids, and thus reducing the swelling of lower limbs.

session 30 min.

Warming-down massage

It is a refreshing and invigorating massage, a light but deep manipulation improving blood circulation, thanks to the application of a refreshing gel especially on tired legs, for an immediate lightness effect.

session 50 / 75 min.

Aroma massage

It is a relaxing massage using essential oils to maintain and regain health, and consists in performing manipulations on the body with diluted essences for a relaxing and rebalancing effect.

session 50 / 75 / 90 min.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage, also known as classical massage, has a general relaxation effect due to the reduction of muscle stiffness and the improvement of lym- phatic circulation. It also stands out for its frming, anti-stress and anti-water retention properties.

session 50 / 75 / 90 min.

Sweet waiting

For pregnant women, a gentle and effective massage that harmonizes body and mind in a truly special moment. Drains lymphatic edema by lightening the limbs, improves skin nutrition and oxygenation.

Total Body session 50 min
Face and Body session 70 min

Candle massage

The heat given off by the massage mixture immediately relaxes the muscles and allows an ideal absorption of the active ingredients. The candles are made of natural products such as cocoa butter, jojoba or almond oil with nourishing and moisturizing properties.

session 75 min.

Antistress massage

An exceptional method of body manipulation, helping you to restore a con- tact with your body and emotions, promoting a deep and lasting state of psycho-physical well-being and the recovery of energy and vitality.

session 50 / 75 / 90 min.

Couple massage

Couple massage is a real ritual allowing you to share a relaxing experience with your partner. A well-made massage is able to reduce psychophysical stress and stimulate the production of serotonin, the hormone of relaxation and happiness

session 50 / 75 / 90 min.

Sport massage

It focuses on muscles that are stressed by physical activity and reduces recovery times for a better body performance, both during and after training; actually it reduces muscle tension and fatigue, improves fexibility and helps to prevent injuries.

session 50 / 75 min.

Postular decontracting massage

The decontracting massage is a kind of massage acting deeply on the con- nective and muscular tissues, with the express purpose of dissolving contractu- res and muscle tension. The pressure of the hands on the affected part relaxes the muscles, also thanks to the appropriately targeted taps and to the heat, generated by the use of a particular herb oil.

session 50 / 75 min.

Information and timetables

Informations: the spa is accessible, by booking at
almaspa@leagavipositano.com or +39 089 87 57 33.
Opening hours: 10 am-6 pm, from 1 April to 31 October.