Dressing like locals: details and secrets of the unique Positano style

Summer in the Amalfi Coast lingers for long weeks, well beyond the deadlines scheduled by the calendar. The air is full of sun, the sea speckled with light, the warm breeze and starry nights accompany us until the beginning of October … and we don’t ask for anything better. Our land is synonymous with summer and joie de vivre, a swirl of colours and scents pervading every corner. The extraordinary energy of the sun is expressed in our way of dressing, made of light and multi-coloured clothes, with irresistible allure.

We wear Positano fashion garments, the pride of the Amalfi Coast from the 1950s to today.

History of a peerless style

Loose kaftans, fresh clothes, colourful trousers and jewel accessories: this is the essence of Positano fashion, famous all over the world, today as at its origin. But how did this style come about?

The sartorial tradition has always been rooted in our territory, from the littlest shops to exclusive ateliers, the Amalfi Coast has been home to many craftsmen of the garments. In the nineteenth century Positano emerged thanks to the characteristic texture of jute canvas – also known as “canovaccio” or “patch” – subsequently dyed at home with bright nuances by women. The evolution from the canvas to well-known garments is due to the influx of international stars and artists, who after the Second World War discovered (and loved) the Amalfi Coast as a holiday destination. In the same period, some local seamstresses began to diversify their textile business, embroidering with crochet very original bikinis, which in those years began to spread on the beaches. Other models boasted the application of beads, fabric cutouts or marine-inspired decorations, a practice that soon involved other clothing items. In short time, low-cut and soft dresses, skirts finished with lace strips and shirts to be worn over the costumes populated the alleys of Positano, attracting the attention of the international jet set, enchanted by such an original and elegant style.

Until the 1960s, the precious fabrics had Hawaiian-style patterns, in the 1970s plain coloured gauzes were preferred, then the canvas with polychrome motifs returned popular. Today the Positano boutiques sell examples of the different phases of this fashion, which is still very current and perfect for a carefree holiday on the Amalfi Coast.

Accessories and addresses for refined shopping

Next to extra-large trousers, bikinis and kaftans, handcrafted and local accessories are of relevant details of this way of dressing. From straw hats to fancy scarves to collect hair, to sarongs decorated in a thousand different ways: we suggest you to perfect your outfit for holidays in Positano in the shops of the city centre.

An essential purchase is a nice pair of sandals made here: these are models sported in the past by divas from the overseas jet set, such as Jackie Onassis and Brigitte Bardot. The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship in the workmanship made these shoes ideal for strolling serenely in narrow streets, along steep slopes and tongues of land plunging into the sea, that is, in the territory of the Amalfi Coast. The most characteristic sandals are low and leather-made, adorned with beads or pendants, in various models, from the “spider” to the “monk”. They are very comfortable and, above all, beautiful.

For a holiday in Positano style, write down the most popular addresses and go shopping once you arrive here. We recommend the Bottega di Brunella, Pepito’s and the Marilù boutique, where you will find a wide choice of tailored suits, bikinis and kaftans, but a tour of the historic centre will be enough to let you be enraptured by the most glamorous shop windows.