Fairytale relaxation: the Starpool technologies at “Le Agavi”

One thing is for sure: a holiday at Hotel Le Agavi is close to a daydream.

To guarantee an exclusive experience for our guests, we are always careful when choosing suppliers and business partners. That’s why we started a collaboration with Starpool, an Italian company specializing in wellness products.

An Italian story

Starpool has 45 years of experience in the design and construction of wellness centers and spas. As Hotel Le Agavi, it is an authentic Italian reality, born in Val di Fiemme, at the foot of the Dolomites, from a project by Ardelio Turri. As our founder Aldo Capilongo dreamed of a 5-star hotel bringing the beauty of the Amalfi Coast to the world, Turri aspired to a 360-degree wellness culture based on technology, innovation and design.

That project became a reality: today Starpool offers a complete range of solutions for any wellness concept – hotel, gym, day Spa, private Spa, yacht, beauty and home – in Europe, Middle and Far East.

The treatments and wellness paths are based on the beneficial properties of three main elements: heat, water and rest. In the continuous search for innovation and quality, Starpool has embraced the Be green philosophy, as a constant commitment to the future. How? With the use of natural raw materials such as wood, packaging made from recyclable materials and, above all, with the development of modern energy-saving technologies​​.

The factors of excellence

In all our choices, we accept no compromises: guests always deserve the best. In designing the wellness area at Hotel Le Agavi, therefore, we analysed many suppliers and the one that really convinced us was Starpool.

The reason lies in a perfect combination of factors contributing to excellence, a fundamental value to us. First of all, the human component and design remain the cornerstones of the company, like the authentically Italian vocation. All Starpool products are studied, designed and built in the Ziano di Fiemme factories, as explained by the marketing manager Maria Chiara Vanzo. Then, continuous investment in Research & Development leads to ever higher quality standards, as in our hotel. The maximum attention to the choice of materials and the hygiene in devices was a further confirmation of Starpool philosophy, close to ours.

A unique spa

From the collaboration between the Hotel Le Agavi and Starpool, an innovative wellness are took shape.

How is our spa be different? Certainly, in technology and design, studied by this leader company in Italy. Also, don’t forget the uniqueness of our structure thanks to its inimitable location and view.

That same view will be the strength of a wellness experience at the Hotel Le Agavi: completely overlooking the sea, the spa offers a 360 ° view of Positano bay. The ideal combination of well-being of the body and delight of eyes and spirit.