Unique to us


The Hotel Le Agavi is a unique building, with 11 levels of terraced rooms set into the cliff above the sea.
Enjoy a special experience of Positano, try out the funicular that’s built inside the hotel.

From the sea to your own oasis

The hotel building even makes your return back to your room as dramatic and romantic as the land around.
Finish off your day with a breathtaking ride up the cliff with a panoramic view of Positano. Our funicular lets you return directly from the sea to your room, a return to your own oasis of peace carved into the rock.

Belvedere viewpoint: last stop before the sea

Get comfortable and enjoy the view that opens up before you along the 300 meter-high distance you’d need to get down to the bay. We have it all figured out – our funicular takes you from the lobby terrace, the highest level of the hotel, straight up to the viewpoint and from there you can take an elevator all the way down to the beach.
From the clouds to the sea, without taking one step.