Summer with taste! In the kitchen with Chef Tramontano In cucina con Chef Tramontano

The blue of the sky is filled with reflections, some pleasant bright rays warm our faces, sweaters and jeans give way to light clothes and to the most awaited season of the year. Summer is finally back!

After the rainy autumn, the harsh winter and the unreliable spring, the days are really getting longer and enjoying until the last minute of sunshine is a unique pampering. Especially if a cobalt-coloured sea awaits you a few meters away, as in Positano.

Food and high temperatures

Summer is the triumph of fruit and vegetables, with colours nourished by generous rays, authentic mines of flavour and precious vitamins. However, with rising temperatures, time in the kitchen tends to decrease, even for the most passionate food lovers. You spend every free moment on the beach, in the countryside or in the cool of an air conditioner in the cities, nibbling on precooked and low-nutrient products or real junk food. It happens to everyone, from time to time, especially in the days of the greatest heat.

And yet, our body is a temple to be taken care of always, consciously and privileging the seasonality of the ingredients, as suggested by our Chef Luigi Tramontano. So, stock your fridge with eggplants, courgettes, peppers, different types of tomatoes, juicy fruit and very fresh fish: in these months, they have an incomparable flavour. The best way to enhance these cornerstones of the Mediterranean tradition is with simple and brief cooking methods, which preserve colours and scents. Raw fish and vegetables seasoned with extra virgin olive oil are excellent choices on the sunniest days. If you go for a picnic in the nature or spend the whole day on the beach, make sure you have a light and tasty dish with you, nutritious but easily digestible, like a timballino of eggplant parmigiana, the undisputed queens of the summer.

At the end of the meal, in this season you can treat yourself to a sorbet of sfusato Amalfitano lemon, refreshing and low in calories, ideal to keep your weight under control.

The Chef’s recipe for the perfect sorbet

In summer, we appreciate a dessert, a fruit ice cream or an artisan granita more than ever. They cheer the palate, refresh the whole body and accompany digestion. Why not try a sorbet then? Thanks to Chef Tramontano’s personal recipe, you can prepare lemon and basil sorbet – the perfect accord of acidity, freshness and aroma – by yourself at home. Let’s see how!


  • • 500 gr lemon juice
  • • 1 liter of water
  • • 600 gr of sugar
  • • 50 gr of basil
  • • 50 gr of stabilizer for sorbets
  • • Grated of 5 lemons


Start the preparation from the syrup: heat the water and sugar to 80 °, then add the basil, the juice and the grated lemon, finally the stabilizer, mixing the ingredients thoroughly. At this point, the most is done! Let the time work for you: let it rest for about 12 hours, then keep the sorbet in the appropriate ice cream maker. Store it at -14/16 ° and treat yourself to an aromatic pamper whenever you want.