Behind every rock lies a story

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast stretches along this part of the Campania coastline from Positano in the west to Vietri sul Mare in the east. But it’s much more than this.

Travel with us to discover this land that’s so full of history and heritage it’s a UNESCO world heritage site. Each town and village has its own character, each cliff its own history, each boutique different to the next.

Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Vietri: all pearls of the same necklace, each a rarity in its own right.


Positano will pull you in with its two mantras: sea and shopping. Of all the towns along the Amalfi Coast, this is the one that epitomizes the Dolce Vita, with its blue houses and bougainvillea climbing up from the sea, artisanal shops, and boutiques tucked in between. Pack your bags with local, original fashion and pieces that evoke the Positano Style, which came to the fore in the 1970s with the actors and musicians who came here trying to find the words to evoke this crystalline sea and blue sky.


Do not miss the town of sun! Its narrow streets, hairpin bends, and Mediterranean greenery open unexpectedly to reveal the shimmering sea. Majestic rocks protect hidden bays, true oases of relaxation. Returning from the beach, be enchanted by the beautiful Amalfi cathedral and don’t forget to toast this beautiful place with our traditional limoncello.


When you enter Pompeii, be prepared for a voyage back in time, a jump several millennia backwards. Visit the ancient remains and relive the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD which overturned the city of Pompeii, leaving behind indelible and precious witnesses. Be enchanted by the mystique of history: in each corner lies the memory of a life lived, objects used, unique fragments of distant existence. A timeless emotion.


Ravello is best explored on tip-toe, as in a dream. This is the least touristy town on the coast, it’s more of a destination for travelers. Experience the scents of citrus, and the authentic flavors of our traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Far from the hustle and bustle, be enchanted by our music – the Ravello Festival is an unforgettable experience. Leave space in your bag for local ceramics and other unique tastes of our craft.


Sorrento is unique along the coast of Campania: its white pebble beaches, crystalline waters in hidden coves, glimpses of wild nature revealed behind each curve. Each step is a surprise, each street a new emotion. From a swim in the beautiful bay of Nerano to a romantic dinner at the fishing village of Marina Grande, your day will flow softly like sand in an hourglass.

Vietri sul Mare

Vietri sul Mare is the last stop on the Amalfi Coast before the city of Salerno. It’s not as well-known but it’s worth exploring. Visit the church of St John the Baptist and its beautiful majolica dome. If you love sandy beaches, relax at La Baia, one of the rare lidos without rocks on the Amalfi Coast. The most characteristic souvenirs are the handcrafted ceramics, which preserve the warmth of our sun and the infinity of our sea in their colours.


The top destination for Italian and international jet-setters who come every summer to rediscover the pleasure of that first espresso on the main Piazza, the contrasts of Capri will seduce you: from its clear blue sea, the incredible beauty of the Blue Grotto, from one fashion boutique to the next, celebrity sightings, and the most elegant restaurants. Discover the many different souls of this island, they’re all here to be explored.