The Art of Ceramics in the Amalfi Coast

Since the most remote times, the Amalfi Coast has distinguished itself for the art of ceramic manufacturing. Its soil, particularly rich in clay and volcanic material, has made the area around Amalfi a fertile territory for producing precious artifacts.

Still today, the artistic ceramics of the Coast of Amalfi are a feather in the cap and appreciated all over the world.

The history of ceramic manufacturing

The working of ceramics in the Amalfi Coast is an ancient art: the first attestation of production seems to date back to the Neolithic. As a matter of fact, in the Grotta La Porta of Positano, small terracotta bowls most probably belonging to primitive men have been found.

Moreover, the area around Tramonti has always been rich in the red clay of very ancient geological formations used to produce local handicraft products. Then, in Amalfi, kilns and laboratories for ceramics were already present during the Middle Ages.

Nowadays, the most famous towns for the art of ceramics on the Amalfi Coast are two: Vietri sul Mare and Positano.

The artisan laboratories of Vietri sul Mare

The town of Vietri sul Mare is geographically located on the last point of this beautiful territory before the coast rejoins the city of Salerno.

Here ceramics are made following a long and complex process. The clay is initially worked on the potter’s wheel, then baked in the kiln, and subsequently glazed. From this traditional process, different objects come to life: plates, vases, tiles, and many other accessories to give a touch of color to your home.

Nowadays, walking around Vietri, it is still possible to notice small handicraft laboratories dedicated to ceramics and handed down from generation to generation by historical families of the area.

Moreover, the city hosts the Museum of Vietri Ceramics, created to protect and enhance this enormous local artistic heritage.

Characteristic souvenirs from Positano

Positano also has a rich history in the working of ceramics.

In fact, during the last century, in the minds of many international travelers, the city had become the ideal destination for an escape from everyday life. In this context, the art of ceramics began to develop in an increasingly refined way to provide its guests with typical souvenirs to take back home.

Even today, Positano is the heart of producing some of the most elegant ceramics, made in small family-run businesses or large companies linked to tradition. Precious artifacts made entirely by hand and decorated with the typical colors of the Coast: the blue of the sea, the yellow of the lemons, the golden of the sun, and the white of the characteristic fishing villages.

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