Trekking in the Bay of Ieranto

The Amalfi Coast is an area of Southern Italy that deserves to be explored from every corner

In addition to the crystal-clear sea and the countless beaches, this magnificent area offers several paths to enjoy long walks among unspoiled nature and beautiful scenery. One of the most charming paths leads to the Bay of Ieranto, a trek of about 6 km among rosemary, junipers, and Mediterranean scrub, to reach a place of almost reverential beauty.

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The Bay of Ieranto

The Bay of Ieranto is a protected environmental area located in an inlet at the end of the Sorrento peninsula. Its name, Ieranto, comes from the Greek word Ieros, which means sacred. It is indeed a place full of charm, which has always fed myths and legends in the minds of locals and visitors. According to Pliny the Elder, it was here that Ulysses met the Sirens in the Odyssea.

The path to reach the Bay is surrounded by breathtaking beauties such as the Montalato and Campanella Towers, as well as the blue of the sea standing out in the shadow of the Faraglioni di Capri. The Site of Community Interest (FAI) is located within the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella and is perfect for engaging in walking, birdwatching, kayaking, and snorkeling.

The trekking path

The path leading to the Bay of Ieranto is the number 339 of the Cai, starting from Termini or from Nerano, if you want to shorten the walk by a few kilometers.

Starting from Piazza Santa Croce in Termini, you’ll have to take a country road with a steep slope until you reach the small square of Nerano. Follow the road towards Marina del Cantone for tens of meters and then take via Jeranto on the right.

The path proceeds on a plain among olive groves, fields of artichokes, and colorful flowers for about 1 km, passing in front of Villa Rosa, where the writer Norman Douglas lived. From here, the vegetation gives way to a wild Mediterranean scrub.

After a downhill stretch between dry stone walls, the view of Capri and its surroundings opens up: from here, you can clearly see the Faraglioni, Punta Campanella, the profile of the Amalfi Coast, and the islets of the Galli.

Continuing along this path, you will find yourself in front of a crossroads: if you take the road to your right, you’ll get to Mont’Alto and Punta Penna. If you take the other one, you’ll go down to the small pebble beach of the Bay of Ieranto. This is the destination of this trek, a paradisiacal place where you can regenerate in icy waters, leaving behind the fatigue of the long walk.

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